Nothing but smooth sailing: Lesson no. 3


MARCH, 2017

Greek-Brit salty sailor Evan took us out on Giorgio, a cruising yacht, for our third practical sailing lesson on the Saronic Sea, south of Athens, which turned out to be a pretty chill day on the water.
Giorgio, part of the fleet of the Nautical Club of Palio Faliro, felt a little on the slow side and was less responsive compared to racing yacht Exionas, on which we had our two first practical lessons. But it was good to start getting a feel for what it’s like to sail a yacht that is typical of the vessels we will be chartering, at least until we purchase our very own!
Wind-wise, we didn’t have much to work with, so it was a good lesson in patience, though we all took turns at the wheel and instructed our fellow sailors to tack.
We had a go at dropping and retrieving the hook, delivered a seasick crew member back to shore and even spotted a couple of dolphins.
Evan, who skippers charter yachts in Greece, provided us with a wealth of advice, one of the most important being that, as soon as we receive our sailing permits, to get out onto the water the very next weekend.
He recommended that we charter a yacht together with our sailor buddies and practise our new-found skills, specifically in the Saronic, where conditions are favourable and generally easier to handle if you’re just starting out. We’ll be heeding Evan’s advice.

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