Sailing 101: A sneak peek at our first practical lesson


MARCH, 2017

Sailing 101: So, here we are at our first practical sailing lesson on a gorgeous sunny Spring day on the southern Athens coast. As I attempt my first rope coil, Carlo teased me that I’ll never pass muster but had to eat his words when I landed the line perfectly on the dock.
We headed out on racing yacht Exionas, which may have quite a few years to its name but proved pretty damn fast on the water, managing 5.6 or so knots with the same amount of apparent wind.
Our eight-member group worked as a team on the fully manual yacht, raising and folding the main and Genoa sails. We tacked, worked the winches and learned to distribute our weight. Carlo took the helm on our return to the marina as we watched young fellow club members skillfully slice Lasers across the Argosaronic.
All in all, a brilliant first day of lessons on the water.
Looking forward to lesson two this weekend.

Music: Everythings_Nice – Jingle Punks

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