Sailing lesson no. 2 on racing yacht Exionas


MARCH, 2017

Last Sunday we spent an incredible five-and-a-half hours with our sailing instructor Panagiotis and our fellow future yachties plying the Argosaronic Sea in southern Athens.
We were fortunate enough to go out once again on the racing yacht Exionas, a member of our sailing club’s small fleet, for practical sailing lesson number two.
We reefed the main, learned to deal with the Argosaronic’s sudden gusts and helmed as the hull pivoted a near 90 degrees. What a day! Tiredness never tasted this sweet. We’re deeply, truly, madly in love with this sailing thing. No cure known to man, we fear.

Music: Marxist Arrow by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…)

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